Website Design Course

Learn how to create websites and Blogs With Zero Experience. Learners would be able to understand web design principles, Use of HTML, CSS  and have familiarity with WordPress.

Course Cost: 65,000 Naira.  Course Duration: 4weeks

UI/UX design Course

Product design is one of the most lucrative jobs in modern design, we would teach you how to design an amazing user interface using Adobe XD or Figma.

Course Cost: 72,000 Naira.  Course Duration: 4weeks

Desktop Publishing

Learn how to use computer systems, the fundamentals of computing and the Microsoft Office Suite. Every Individual is advised to take this course to further enhance their skills in office management. 

Course Cost: 52,000 Naira.  Course Duration: 4weeks

Digital Marketing Course

Grow your business with Digital Marketing, Social Media, YouTube, Email Marketing, SEO. Join our training session to get the skills required to be a digital marketer. 

Course Cost: 185,000 Naira.  Course Duration: 6weeks


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can apply, our aim is to teach you so you become an expert 😊

The Courses varies from 52,000 Naira – 185,000 Naira depends on the course you choose. 

Weekdays are Mondays, Wednesdays and some classes starts Tuesdays and Fridays  10am to 12pm GMT

Full payments are made online. 70% upfront are made offline. 30% balance are made before course ends.

Desktop publishing takes 5 weeks for weekdays and 7 weeks for weekends.

Website Design takes 4 weeks for weekdays and 6 weeks for weekends.

UI/ UX Classes takes 4 weeks for weekdays and 6 weeks for weekends. 

Digital marketing takes 6 weeks for weekdays and 8 weeks for weekends. 

Yes we do! Weekend classes are fridays and Saturdays with options of sundays 4pm to 6pm GMT

Yes there are paid and unpaid internship opportunities for 3 months, 6 months and a year.

Yes you can provided it is within the year of your program. if it exceed one year you would be required to pay 50% of the current fees

Yes, you would be issued certificate upon course compeletion. 

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